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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

King Jewels Legend Mania

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King Jewels Legend Mania Full - is the evolution of the "jewels Star 1 and jewels Star 2 and we made this game better than pop mania World or mash and jewels Deluxe Jewel, and a little explanation about Game Diamond or what you could call the King Jewels Legend Mania. This is the game version full Level so you can feel the level of very hard on the various step game later. therefore the King Jewels Legend Mania Deluxe is be the best game I have tasted. because I'm sure you've played the game Jewels Maze 2 and Ultimate Jewel but the theme that we take least equal to the temple jewels quest: because both use Match 3 that defines a higher level and very difficult to be conquered her later
- Remove 20 gems continually at lower board could win 1 illumination.
- Suit 4 gems could win a bomb as well as 1 illumination.
- The lightning Gem could get rid of gems in one row.
- Suit 5 gems could win color-changing gems as well as 2 illuminations.
- For the chained gem, you could remove the gems inside to open it.
- The Timing Gem could expand the having fun time.
- The ornate bomb could get rid of the gems around.
- The Color-changing gem could get rid of gems in any kind of shade.
- Greater than 300 degrees and also numerous quite scenes in the video game.
- For the ice gem, you could remove the gems around to launch it.

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A traditional hexagon Match-3 video game launch on Android Market.
Your goal is to win the Jewels Celebrity. Pass the degrees and also aim to obtain all celebrities in each degree.
The best ways to play:
1: Suit 3 or even more the same gems.
2: Suit the gems up until the lower board, the Jewels celebrity will certainly show up.
3: Make the gems star to last line to pass the degree.
Tips: Remove the gems rapidly could obtain additional ratings.
Jewel words taken from the Latin Jocale (Games)
Jewel also taken from the French word of the word Jouel.
Taken from the English language, which is defined Jewelery

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